I am usually very profound.

My Life Is A Song

Walking out of my world which was turning dangerously bland,

I chanced upon a desert in a faraway land,

Where the velvet sand was kissed by the sun’s amber rays so bright,

And for miles around, there was not a soul in sight.

Then, in a pleasant paradox to the arid heat,
Lay a large oasis at some hundred feet,
I strode a little closer, and couldn’t believe my eyes,
Sprawled across was a green paradise.

Surrounding a gentle brook that made music so fine,
Stood scores of trees, of fir and pine,
Around which little elves and fairies trotted along,
Humming “My smile is my sunshine, my life is a song”.

I went to them and asked if they were aware,
Of the loveliest place on earth that ever was there,
They motioned towards the mountain at the aft of the stream,

Said, the view from there was a surreal dream.

I scaled up to the peak where the earth met the sky,

Ecstatic, I prayed for wings so I could fly,

Sheets of white were spread all over,

And I wished to freeze, right there, forever!

 A resounding thwack shook me up from my daze,

I turned to see the boss offer a petulant gaze,

He said, “Of daisies and damsels you dream all day,

But if you don’t spruce up now, you’ll jolly well have to pay!”

 Ah, so for the money and the status, I’ll reconcile,

I’ll clear up my work that’s gathered in a pile,

Won’t fuss today that my life is a whole lot of crap,

For I saw the beauty of the world in a short little nap.


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10 thoughts on “My Life Is A Song

  1. Lovely poetry and the ending was very dramatic:)

  2. That was amazing! I went from all sighs at the beauty, to wonder at the words, to a chuckle and shake of head at the reality. Nice poem 🙂

  3. Raman Kishore on said:

    you have a taste man !! Awesome poetry..!!

  4. Ha… What a sad way to end a lovely dream!!!

    I hope that the beauty stays with you forever…

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