I am usually very profound.

A Shackled Soul

The child under censure looks for a freeway,
Paper boats and fables don’t quite make his day.
Scoffing at the fetters that shackle his soul,
He prays to be a man, so he can be on his own.

The distressed young man breathes out of his window,
Smothered by a cocktail of stress, greed and ego.
Sweet nothings of yore left behind, many a mile,
He prays to be a child, so he can remember how to smile.

Child to the man:

I’m done with the sermons on the person I should be,
Why can’t the world just let me be me?
The scores I bring home define my parents’ love or disdain,
You know not the anguish of constant embargos and refrain.
I envy you so, for you can tell good and evil apart,
And you have the freedom to let that special someone into your heart.

Man to the child:

I’ve wings to fly, but I’m dizzied by the height,
There’s not a soul around me on this dark, gloomy night.
I crave for those lazy naps in the noon,
Looking back on a fond era that passed by too soon.
When you fail, your mother does comfort her son,
But as today I fail, all I see is an empty room and a loaded gun.


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3 thoughts on “A Shackled Soul

  1. Good one… The grass is always greener on the other side…
    When we were young, we always wanted to grow up fast; now that we have grown up, we yearn for our childhood… In the process, we don’t live our life either then or now!

  2. Very well written !! the way momentum of the poem has been built is excellent. You cant stop yourself till the time you have read the entire poem

  3. “But when I fail, all I see is an empty room and a loaded gun”.
    You know, you have a touch of Dream Theater’s song A Change Of Seasons and Metallica’s song The Unforgiven, and I’m not saying they’re similar, but these two songs and your poem have the same core theme that has been expanded in different directions.
    I LOVE your poem 😀
    The rhyme scheme, the words, the metaphors, and even the conversation between the man and the child. You’ve brought out the meaning of the statement “The grass is always greener on the other side”.
    Oh yes, I miss my childhood :/

    If you had a few minutes to spare, could you read a post of mine? And if you like it, give it a vote? I’d be really really grateful, it’d mean a lot 😀

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