I am usually very profound.

A Sinister Silence Speaks – *Conditions Apply

A zipped travel bag lies in the foyer,
In the morrow once again, he’ll be on his way.
Words lose their worth, a sinister silence speaks
Of the abominable coldness that in my snug home peeps.
I try and drive it away, I try and feel his touch,
But as a function of time, our love asks for too much.
The job becomes the mistress, she throttles him in her fold,
An inevitable norm we live by, I am told.
A dozen loaves of bread I deep-freeze for the night,
A table for two, I adorn with candles lit bright.
He returns home beat, says he ate on the flight,
We struggle for small talk as we escape each other’s sight.


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4 thoughts on “A Sinister Silence Speaks – *Conditions Apply

  1. nice and so true of today’s lifestyle

  2. Beautifully written… Loved reading it…
    Do come on my blog too in your free time, I would love your feedback:)

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