I am usually very profound.

Conditions Apply?

Are you lost in that din? There’s a voice in there

That implores you to listen, that asks you to care

For the beneficiary over the benefits, for the jeopardized smile

Of the one you meant to walk with, to the very last mile.


Are you blinded to your past? Of course, or you’d remember,

How your mother tended to you every frosty December,

She’s reconciled with the distances, but a short call won’t hurt –

‘Conditions Apply’, you say, ‘I must make some money first’.


Did you call yourself secular? Sorry, that sounds lame,

For you assign a scorecard against every known name

That merits us on our choices, on religions and finance-

Conditions apply to your concept of tolerance.






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2 thoughts on “Conditions Apply?

  1. Must say you have a wonderful blog. Read most of the posts on this page..they are awesome.

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